Crewtender 10m.

Crewtender 10m

H321 Aluminium crewtender, with deep V hull and reinforced rubber tube, closed main deck and closed wheelhouse. Propulsion by Rolls Royce Kamewa water jet and John Deere main engine.

Main dimensions
Length o.a. 10.50 m
Length aluminium hull 8.95 m
Length cwl. 7.80 m
Beam overall, incl. tube 3.94 m
Beam Hull 3.10 m
Draft at cwl 0.70 m
Draft fully loaded 0.75 m
Weight fully loaded 9400 kg
Speed under trial conditions 32 knots
Range at full power 6 hrs
Crew 1 pers.
Tank volume 560 ltr.

Main engine John Deere 6125SFM75, 455 kW at 2100 r.p.m. , with ZF350 reduction gearboxes ratio 1,225:1 allowing the engine to be declutched from the water jet. Water jet and gearbox are connected by horizontal steel driving shaft (Centa). Water jet Rolls Rocye Kamewa FF410 with vectorstick control system.