Profile KRVE

The Boatmen Association “Eendracht” has existed since 1895. The association numbers about 300 members now, which because of their unique organizational setup, guarantee an all-out effort. All K.R.V.E.-members are fully licensed skippers who do the mooring and unmooring of seagoing ships. They also assist in the most difficult situations alongside quays, dolphins, jetties and to buoys and during all kinds of weather conditions, covering the whole of the Rotterdam port area.

The carriage of persons and goods across water has also been an important task of the firm since days past. This task is still carried out in the whole Rotterdam port area by different kinds of craft.

Our association disposes of a fleet of 60 boats of different types, entirely built and designed according to our own specific demands, required of the craft because of our specialized work. They are stationed all across the Waterway area.

Special attention is paid to the reliability of our floating equipment. Not only the annual government inspections but also our internal safety requirements do make our fleet the safest and mast reliable made for this purpose. Owing to a special air chamber-construction the majority of our boats is considered to be unsinkable; if a boat is flooded she remains floating nevertheless, offering sufficient guarantee in this way to save the lives of the persons on board.

A number of fast boats has been equipped with twin engines and propellers. A few other boats have an entirely flat deck and have been equipped with a bow thruster to improve manoeuvrability. All craft are provided with advanced communications sets and our firm has her own closed-circuit communication net.

In order to keep the quality of our service optimal, new, young boatmen and skippers are familiarized with all current activities at our own industrial school, where a two-year theoretical and practical is given.

To cope at all times with the rapidly changing amount or work, we have an organization which has proved to be effective since times.

What does the Royal Boatmen Association “Eendracht” do?

1. Mooring and unmooring seagoing ships in the Rotterdam harbours and Moerdijk area.

2. Supplying deck crews for ships having to shift within the port area.

3. Supplying complementary deck crews to incoming and outgoing vessels, a task which is increasing rapidly since core-crews have become increasingly smaller.

4. Transport of pilots in our harbours.

5. Bringing out oil screens during oil spills.

6. Maintaining a shuttle service for persons and goods to ships moored in midstream.

7. Letting out boats with skilled, licensed skippers for all current activities per hour, day, week, month or year.

8. Supplying deck crews on all kind of offshore projects all over the world.