In 2006, Habbeké Shipyard was approached by the KRVE “De Roeiers” of Rotterdam who were looking for a wharf to help develop and build a new and dependable boat for their activities.  The KRVE have a long history of using rapid vessels, but few have been entirely satisfactory for their needs and so they decided to try to develop a new boat to fit their needs.

Their first target was a wharf to help develop these ideas.  After some research they settled upon Habbeké; not only because of the quality of their work but also due to their manner of working – short lines to the working floor, close links to the client and an experienced staff.  After a series of discussions both teams agreed to bundle their experience and knowledge to develop the new Crewtender.

The resulting “wish list”, and some design sketches, were then entrusted to the ship architects De Vries-Lentsch (the designers of the Valentijn, Johannes Frederic and Arie Visser Class Lifeboats) who drew up a new design for KRVE.

Habbeké has primarily been involved with the building of the complete aluminium vessel. KRVE, (Gerrit van der Burg) have taken the lead in developing the propulsion and hydraulic systems, while the electronics have been delivered by A. de Keizer from Zaandam.

The first 2 vessels  are now operational and is proving that this mix of experience and knowledge is a huge success; in fact this is probably the most experienced team in The Netherlands as far as building and maintaining rapid aluminium vessels is concerned. Habbeké and KRVE have therefore decided to continue their joint venture and are now concentrating upon producing a high quality reliable product for the future.  And when this vessel is operational customers can also rely upon excellent service and repair facilities in Rotterdam and Edam-Volendam, where the partners are located.